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Juniper Appraisal, with its hands-on experience as an asset manager, is well-equipped to cater to your needs.

ABOUT Juniper Appraisal

As a real estate specialist, Juniper Appraisal will cater to your needs.

Real estate is a collection of unique features, each one crafted with human creativity and ingenuity, resulting in its intrinsic value. The name "Juniper’ for our office represents juniper berries, symbolizing creativity and originality. From the city of Sendai, northeast of Japan, known for its lush greenery, we aspire to contribute to the future creation of real estate through appraisal. With insights and experience from different perspectives—whether as investors from abroad or financial advisors—we welcome your inquiries.

We Offer

For investment in Japan

Juniper Appraisal is here in response to diverse valuation needs such as estimating the fair market value of real estate in buying, selling, and exchanging, calculating equity values related to business succession and M&A, supporting corporate restructuring, and setting or revising land rents and lease fees. Additionally, drawing from experience and insights in the valuation of global companies, we provide smooth support for M&A transactions.


For financial reporting

In recent years, due to the convergence  from local standards to international standards (IFRS), there has been an increasing demand for the valuation of tangible assets, including real estate and machinery & equipment. These valuations for financial reporting purposes include but not limited to:

  1. Valuation of Tangible Fixed Assets (Real Estate, Machinery, etc.) in PPA.

  2. Market Value Assessment of Real Estate for Impairment Accounting Loss Measurement.

  3. Market Value Assessment of Inventory (Real Estate for Sale).

  4. Guidelines for Disclosure of Market Value for Leased Real Estate.​

For Collateral

In situations where comprehensive financial support involving debt forgiveness is necessary for business revitalization, appraisals are required to  give validity to the collateral value.

On the other hand, when applying for loans, financial institutions typically request appraisals for high loan amount. However, for smaller loan amounts, they often rely on their own assessments, resulting in a somewhat standardized collateral values. Obtaining an appraisal report beforehand allows you to negotiate loans with a convincing valuation support, thereby enhancing your position in the negotiation process. 

About Juniper Appraisal

Biography of the President


While working at a bank in Japan, I had the opportunity to be assigned to Charlotte NC, USA in 1999-2000. After spending three years back in Japan, I joined the asset management company of Lone Star Funds. During my time there, I collaborated with internal stakeholders and external experts to execute a company spin-off for hotels and ski resorts under the Civil Rehabilitation Act, which significantly contributed to business revitalization.

Subsequently, at Capmark Japan, I worked in the Principal Investment department, handling acquisitions and asset management for hospitality assets—such as hotels, inns, and ski resorts.

My experience includes successfully closing multiple deals.

Additionally, during my tenure at a major audit firm’s FAS division, I advised on hospitality assets, conducted business due diligence, and evaluated equity values for both domestic and international companies. I also performed PPA (valuation of intangible assets) and assessed infrastructure facilities, including petrochemical terminals and thermal power plants.

In 2013, I achieved the distinction of becoming the 5th person in Japan to be certified as an Accredited Senior Appraiser (Machinery & Equipment) by the American Society of Appraisers.

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